Check21 Merchant VPOS Gateway Purchase Form

Check21 VPOS Gateway Purchase Price: $49.95 - Monthly Fees: Zero
Merchant Discount Fees: 1.95% - Transaction Fees: Zero

3122831077 - Check21 Merchant - (312) 283-1077

Copyright 2016 - Genie Gateway - All Rights Reserved. *The Genie Virtual Assistant, Genie Number, Genie CashBox, GenieCard, GenieChecking, Check22, Genie Gateway, and communication services are provided on the Genie Gateway Universal Office platform. **The minimum age requirement for a GenieChecking Account and a GenieCard is 18. GenieCard is not a credit card; it facilitates secure peer-to-peer, closed loop real-time cash payments online. When using a GenieCard to complete a purchase by phone, online, or in a retail environment, the buyer and seller both agree that the subject purchase is to be treated exactly as a traditional cash purchase with instructions to Genie Gateway to process the payment from the buyer to the seller as an electronic credit. The GenieCard is issued ONLY to participating subscribers by Genie Gateway. Genie Gateway is not a money services business (MSB), or a credit or debt collection agency.